Zofran Lawsuits Still Growing in Number

Posted on November 18, 2015 at 11:52am by

Photo of courtroomMore and more families are joining the fight against GlaxoSmithKline after finding that its drug, Zofran, caused the birth defects of hundreds or more children. The newest plaintiffs threw their names in the hat from Alabama. As of now, there are nearly 40 families involved in the class action against GSK.

What Birth Defects Does Zofran Cause?

Zofran was originally manufactured to combat nausea in chemotherapy patients, but GSK soon realized the potential profit in marketing the drug for other “off-label” uses, specifically pregnant mothers looking for a solution to morning sickness. What the mothers did not know was that Zofran had not been tested or approved by the FDA for such use, and studies have since revealed that the drug can have disastrous effects on an unborn fetus.

Some of the more common birth defects that Zofran has been linked to are cleft lip, cleft pallet, heart defects, and kidney defects. This most recent case filed by the Alabama family claims that the drug is responsible for their son’s debilitating “hole-in-heart” defect.

Class Action Lawsuit Against Zofran

Families from all over the country are uniting against the pharmaceutical company that greedily marketed their dangerous drug to pregnant mothers without proper testing. All of the mothers involved emphatically state that they would never have taken the drug if they had been aware of the risks.

Now that the lawsuits against GSK have been consolidated, the process of discovery will be much more open, allowing plaintiffs to pool their resources and share evidence.


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