What Are My Workplace Safety Rights Under OSHA?

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Hard hat on the construction site on the background.Federal law holds your employers to the highest standards of workplace safety. They are required to provide you with a workplace that has no safety violations or other hazards. The Occupational Safety and Health Organization (OSHA) was created for your protection, and is responsible for the implementation and enforcement of work safety regulations.

Workplace Safety Rights Under OSHA

Your rights to a safe working environment include:

  • Being provided with safety gear, including eye protection, gloves, safety harnesses, etc.
  • Proper training in a language which you understand
  • Working with machines that have been inspected for safety
  • Protection from toxic chemicals and mold
  • The ability to request a jobsite inspection by OSHA, and talk with an inspector
  • Reporting workplace injury, and getting copies of relevant medical records
  • Access to the workplace illness, injury and wrongful death records
  • Access to results of work safety tests done to find potential hazards

Under federal law, you are also protected from retaliation, such as being fired or demoted, if you file a complaint for work safety violations.

Many states, including New Jersey, have their own set of work safety regulations which are often stricter than OSHA’s rules. In New Jersey, however, those regulations only cover local and state government employees.

Who Is Covered by OSHA?

Unlike many other laws covering private employers, there is no minimum amount of employees a company must have to be covered. Almost all business, and their employees, are covered by OSHA regardless of how many people work there.

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