Woman Files Medical Malpractice Suit for Mishandling of Cat Bite Wound

Posted on December 21, 2015 at 11:44am by

Photo of surgeryA woman who suffered from complications arising from multiple cat bites has recently filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against the physicians and hospital that treated her. She claims the doctors did not properly care for the wounds or the subsequent complications, which has led to enduring pain.

The original incident occurred back in 2013, when the woman tried to break up a fight between her sister-in-law’s cat and a stray. She was bitten three times; on the left forearm, the wrist, and thumb. Initially, she says she only cleaned the wounds with water and went about her day, but later was forced to go to a hospital when the bites became infected.

The woman says she made multiple trips to the hospital and ER over the course of a few weeks, but her condition steadily worsened. Eventually, she was given antibiotics and referred to a hand surgeon, with whom she had three appointments. After acquiring medical records and X-rays revealing “suspicious lesions on the bones of her hands,” the woman went to the University of Michigan emergency room where she waited in pain for 12 hours before being admitted.

She was treated for cellulitis, anemia, osteomyelitis, and acute renal failure. Allegedly, the physicians caring for the woman improperly handled her treatment for renal failure and anemia, which has caused her “prolonged, severe pain, weakness and disability.”

She filed her malpractice lawsuit against all of her physicians (except for those in the infectious disease department who she says are responsible for saving her arm and possibly even her life), the University of Michigan Hospital, The U-M Health System, and its Board of Regents. She is seeking at least $75,000 in damages.


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