Woman Awarded $1.2 Million in Medical Malpractice Lawsuit for Unnecessary Surgery

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Unnecessary surgeries can be medical malpractice in some cases.NJ.com recently published an article discussing a $1.2 million jury verdict awarded to a 22-year-old former tennis player. The details of her medical malpractice lawsuit are discussed in the article. When the woman was 18 years old, she began visiting an orthopedic surgeon due to a benign bone growth in her leg. The surgeon cut a nerve in her leg while she was receiving a biopsy, which cost her the ability to walk. She had to attend her prom and high school graduation in a wheelchair.

Although she relearned how to walk, she continues to suffer from numbness and pain in her leg that is expected to last for the rest of her life. Playing tennis, a favorite hobby, is no longer a possibility. According to the woman’s attorney, the biopsy was unnecessary. The jury agreed that the orthopedic surgeon did not inform the then 18-year-old’s parents of other treatment options. In this case, a young woman suffered irreparable harm due to an unnecessary procedure.

Are All Unnecessary Procedures Medical Malpractice?

There have been several other articles published that discuss the prevalence of unnecessary surgeries. According to an article published by The New Yorker, these types of “no-value” procedures have become increasingly common. Due to these procedures, patients and their family members can be harmed. But are all unnecessary surgeries medical malpractice? Not necessarily.

To be considered medical malpractice, certain criteria would need to be met. Certain questions about the case would need to be answered. Was the medical practitioner negligent in some way? Did the patient suffer harm from the procedure? Medical malpractice cases involve a great deal of investigation to answer such questions.

If you or a loved one were harmed by a medical mistake, then you should consult with an experienced medical malpractice attorney. At Donald G. Targan & Associates. P.C., our Atlantic City medical malpractice attorneys have decades of combined experience helping patients who were harmed by negligent health care practitioners and their families. We could investigate the details of your case at no cost to help you determine whether medical malpractice occurred.

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