Will the ‘Slow Down to Get Around’ Law Help Prevent Waste Worker Injuries?

Posted on May 19, 2017 at 12:00pm by

Recently, the state legislature in New Jersey and Governor Chris Christie passed a new law meant to prevent recycling industry and waste worker injuries. The new law (A-4452/S-518) is similar to the ‘Slow Down to Get Around Law’ that provides police and other emergency workers protection when their vehicles are pulled over with the lights flashing.

How Could the ‘Slow Down to Get Around’ Law Help Protect Waste Workers?

Per the Cape May County Herald, like the ‘Slow Down to Get Around’ law, this new law should be able to help prevent recycling industry and waste worker injuries. Under the new law, which is now in effect, motorists are required to safely move one lane over and drive with caution when passing waste trucks that have their lights flashing. If vehicles give waste trucks room and pass them with caution, then it should help keep waste workers safe.

The new law also includes programs to educate the public on the dangers that waste workers face out on the road. According to US Bureau of Labor Statistics data included in the Cape May County Herald article, among occupations nationwide, recycling and waste collection ranked fifth for workplace accidents, injuries and death.

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