Why Are New Jersey Pedestrian Accidents Increasing?

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NJ.com recently had an interesting column about the rise in pedestrian accidents in New Jersey, trying to figure out why the increase is occurring. Photo of medical scan

The column, by Joan Quigley, a former state assemblywoman, noted that in 2014, 169 pedestrians were killed on Garden State roads and streets, a 28 percent increase from 2013. She noted that there are many theories about why the number of accidents has increased.

According to Quigley, speeding and drunk driving are to blame for many of the accidents, especially the ones that occur at night. She said enforcement laws already exist to try to protect pedestrians when it comes to these acts, so it may be time to specifically raise awareness about safety.

Quigley wrote that last year Newark officials launched a one-month campaign to raise pedestrian accident awareness by intensifying law enforcement and distributing educational materials in known “hot sports” where accidents occurred. She said that the measure “seemed to be effective”, but that more needs to be done to reduce accidents in the long-term.

Quigley also noted that some people believe a 2010 New Jersey law designed to reduce accidents may have actually resulted in more occurring. The law requires drivers to stop when pedestrians approach crosswalks—not yield. She said that there might be a disconnect between people who know about the law and those who do not, as pedestrians walk into crosswalks expecting cars to stop when they do not.

Other reasons why pedestrian accidents may be on the rise include distracted driving and distracted walking, as more people are utilizing electronic devices. Quigley noted that more needs to be done to raise awareness in the Garden State. “The data, as well as our gut feelings, prove this is a problem that needs serious attention,” she said.

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Source: http://www.nj.com/opinion/index.ssf/2015/07/dangerous_to_cross_the_street_–_any_street.html


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