Who is Responsible for Repairing Faulty Elevators?

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Have you ever entered an elevator and viewed the repair or inspection information posted inside? Have you ever wondered who is responsible for making sure that an elevator is functioning safely? Photo of fall hazard

Recently, a Brooklyn man was sentenced to three months in jail on assault charges after he botched work on an elevator repair. According to the New York Post, a jury convicted the technician of felony assault after his incompetence led to a woman being dragged seven floors in 2010, with the victim suffering broken bones and serious lacerations. The incident took place at the SUNY Downstate Medical Center.

The technician allegedly used a “wire jumper” to bypass a safety mechanism that would have ensured that the elevator did not move when the doors were open as he was testing it. Prosecutors described this process as a “dirty little secret” that technicians sometimes use to save time.

Keep in mind, any property owner has a duty to make sure that elevators are safe and up to code. In New Jersey, individual municipalities and the Department of Community Affairs monitor elevators maintenance.

Property owners can hire third-party repair providers to handle elevator defects or maintenance. When this takes place, if an injury event or accident takes place, a victim can hold both a property owner and the party it may have hired to take care of repairs liable.

Speaking to an Attorney Following an Elevator Accident

If you are injured or your loved one is killed in an elevator accident, you should speak to an attorney about your legal rights.

Multiple parties may be responsible for an elevator accident—by speaking to our Atlantic City injury attorneys, you may be able to hold all those involved in your mishap are held liable.

Atlantic City has a number of casinos and entertainment venues that offer large elevators that travel considerable heights. The owners of these properties are required to ensure that they are functioning properly to prevent an accident from taking place.

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Source: http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/nyc-crime/elevator-mechanic-found-guilty-brooklyn-woman-injuries-article-1.2107766


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