Where Do Officials Want More Bike Paths in Cape May?

Posted on November 30, 2015 at 11:14am by

iStock_000009988691_Large (1)Officials are working to create a bike path in Cape May County that will connect Cape May, West Cape May, Cape May Point, and Lower Township. As of now, all but Lower Township have pledged funds towards studying the possibility of creating this countywide network of bike paths. Officials in charge of the project are looking into a variety of potential ideas for the paths, including:

  • A path that follows an old unused railroad connecting Broadway in West Cape May to Delaware Bay at Sunset Beach, making its way through farms, vineyards, and wildlife areas.
  • A path that runs along Sunset Boulevard before branching off and connecting to Cape May Point State Park.
  • A bike route from West Cape May to Sunset Boulevard.
  • A bike lane from the U.S. Coast Guard base to Cape May Elementary School. This plan is already funded.
  • A path going from the Cape May Transportation Center to Lafayette Street Park.
  • A new route that crosses the Cape May Canal to Ferry Road and would connect to already existing bike lanes that run from Lower Township and Middle Township to Cape May Courthouse and the Cape May County Zoo.

“We’re trying to keep them off the narrow congested streets and show them more of our greenery,” said Cape May Mayor Ed Mahaney. The project would certainly act as a huge draw for any cyclists thinking about moving into the area as well as a much appreciated addition for the ones already living here. Providing local riders with a safer and more enjoyable ride could have a huge economic, environmental, and social benefit for the Cape May area.


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