What Contributes to Pedestrian Accidents?

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In our blog, we often talk about the dangers of drunk driving. Nevertheless, did you know that drunk or drugged pedestrians are also at risk of being involved in accidents?Photo of family

The Daily Record had an interesting story recently about pedestrian safety in New Jersey, saying that the Garden State ranked fifth nationally for the percentage of traffic fatalities that involve pedestrians. The newspaper reported that drugs and alcohol were identified as the most common factors in pedestrian accidents in the state.

Incredibly, it was reported that of the 624 walkers and bikers who died from 2010 through 2013, about 27 percent had consumed alcohol or drugs. This outpaced the national average of 18.7 percent during the same period.

“It’s not that people have stopped drinking, they’re just not driving drunk as much. But they still have to get home,” Jonathan Adkins, the executive director of the Governors Highway Safety Association said, according to the Daily Record. “The message can’t just be don’t drive drunk. It has to be about making better transportation choices when drinking.”

In addition to drugs and alcohol, the newspaper reported that other issues contributing to pedestrian accidents included:

  • A lack of sidewalks in certain areas
  • Poor lighting
  • Passing vehicles on the right (when a vehicle avoids staying behind another vehicle on the roadway by moving to the right shoulder to pass)
  • Issues with crosswalk enforcement
  • Jaywalking

Contacting an Attorney About Pedestrian Accidents

As this story shows, if you are commuting by foot, you should always avoid areas heavily trafficked by vehicles and use crosswalks whenever possible. Do not jaywalk or walk drunk, as your safety may be at risk. Remember, if you are intoxicated, it may be safer to call a taxi or find an alternative form of commuting rather than walking.

Keep in mind, if you or your loved one has experienced serious personal injuries in a pedestrian accident, it may be a good idea to speak to an attorney. An experienced lawyer can investigate your case and determine if a driver’s inattention played a role in the crash.

Stay safe and have a wonderful weekend.

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Source: http://www.dailyrecord.com/story/news/local/new-jersey/2015/03/16/deadly-crossings-walking-dangerous-nj/24835017/

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