What Are the Most Common Injuries to Children During the Summer?

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What Are the Most Common Injuries to Children During the Summer?

Summertime is full of pool parties, cookouts with family and friends, road trips and camping. As families and kids relax during these hot months, doctors and safety experts warn parents to be on high alert. Child injuries increase exponentially during the summer because of an increase in outdoor activities, some of which may be unsupervised. One in three pediatric deaths worldwide are caused by unintentional accidents. In order to avoid a deadly accident, parents should be aware of the five most common injury risks for children this summer.

5 Summer Injuries for Children

  1. Drowning. Thirty percent of all accidental deaths for children one to four years old are drownings, most in home swimming pools. Never leave your children unsupervised near open water, even if it’s your own pool. You could also install a fence around large pools to prevent unsupervised access, and you could also ensure that your children are wearing floating devices or lifejackets in lakes, ponds, and the ocean. Take swimming lessons during the summer just in case a lack of supervision does occur and your child can swim or float to safety.
  2. Burns. Fire-related injuries are also very common among kids during the summer. Install and maintain your house’s smoke alarms to give your family time to escape during a fire. Campfires and outdoor barbeques are fun, but hazardous if parents are not careful to supervise children around these hazards.
  3. Slips and falls. Bike injuries result in thousands of traumatic brain injuries for children every year. Always make sure your kids are wearing helmets if they are riding on bikes, scooters, or ATVs during the summer. If you have an infant, use guardrails and stair gates around your home and make sure that changing tables and highchairs have safety belts.
  4. Road traffic. Car accidents increase every year during the summer due to more inexperienced teenagers driving. If you plan on taking a family road trip, make sure that your children are seated in age-appropriate child safety seats, and that everyone is wearing their seatbelt. Parents should drive defensively during long trips, especially through construction zones and during night time.
  5. Poisoning. Household cleaners, medications, cosmetics and other outdoor chemicals and gases can put your children in danger if they are unsupervised. Keep cleaning supplies out of sight and reach and be aware of the dangerous chemicals outside that can hurt your children.

If you or your child is injured this summer due to someone else’s negligence, you could possibly file for a personal injury lawsuit. Contact our Atlantic City personal injury attorneys at Donald G. Targan & Associates for a free consultation.

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