What Alternatives Are There to Drunk Driving?

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Several times recently, we have blogged about drunk driving dangers. We do this to remind readers that their reckless decisions can lead to devastating vehicle accidents. Photo of family

Remember, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, an estimated 25 percent of all fatal car accidents in New Jersey involve alcohol-impaired drivers. This is unacceptable, as there are ways for drivers to avoid causing these accidents.

In New Jersey, if you operate a vehicle with a BAC of .08 or above, you can be convicted of driving under the influence (DUI). Aside from criminal charges, if you cause an accident that leads to injuries or deaths while you are intoxicated, you can be sued.

There are alternatives to drunk driving, including using public transportation, taxis and/or having a designated driver. If you decide to go out and drink, make sure you have a way to get home that does not involve drinking and driving.

Keep in mind, there are consequences to drunk driving—it could cost you your life and greatly harm other people on the road.

Linden Police Officer Allegedly Drunk in Fatal Wrong-Way Crash

We bring up drunk driving because a case is sadly making national headlines, as a Linden police officer was involved in a fatal wrong-way vehicle accident in New York.

According to NJ.com, on March 20, Linden police officer Pedro Abad crashed his car into a tractor-trailer while driving the wrong way on a Staten Island highway, killing two fellow officers in his vehicle and critically injuring another officer.

All of the officers were reportedly at a strip club prior to the incident. While it is unclear if Abad was drunk at the time of the accident, as an investigation is ongoing, the officer had been involved in two drunk driving incidents prior to the crash.

According to NJ.com, in 2011, Abad drove an Audi through a supermarket in Roselle. He was charged with driving while intoxicated and careless driving following the crash, in which nobody was injured.

Additionally, in 2013, he was charged with driving while intoxicated in Rahway and his license suspended, according to NJ.com. In that incident, he allegedly drove a BMW into a parked car and was unable to complete a sobriety test.

Speaking to an Attorney Following a Drunk Driving Accident

While this story is still evolving, it is disturbing that a police officer could allegedly be involved in so many drunk driving accidents.

Remember, if your loved one has experienced serious personal injuries or has been killed in a drunk driving accident, it may be wise to speak to an attorney, who can help determine if you are entitled to damages. An attorney can determine if a driver’s recklessness played a role in the crash.

Stay safe and enjoy your weekend. Remember to avoid drunk driving.

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Source: http://www.nj.com/union/index.ssf/2015/03/linden_officer_in_wrong-way_crash_went_through_wal.html

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