Is There a Way to Improve School Bus Safety in New Jersey?

Posted on February 13, 2017 at 12:00pm by

Photo of family huggingA recent pedestrian accident involving a 14-year-old girl boarding a school bus in Upper Township serves as a serious reminder that improving school bus safety in New Jersey should be a greater priority for our state’s government officials.

What Can New Jersey Do to Help Prevent School Bus Accidents?

There is a brochure available on that provides tips to improve school bus safety in New Jersey. A few of the school bus accident prevention tips offered in the safety brochure include:

  • If a school bus is stopped to pick up or drop off students on a two-lane highway that has no physical barrier separating the two sides of the road, vehicles must stop until students have exited or entered the bus and the bus deactivates its stop sign and flashing lights.
  • When cars and trucks stop for a stopped school bus, the vehicles should stop at least 25 feet away from the bus if possible.
  • Generally, cars and trucks approaching a stopped school bus from the opposite of a divided highway do not have to stop for the bus. However, these vehicles should pass the bus traveling no more than 10 mph.

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