Vehicle Accidents Greater in Northeast Cities

Posted on November 26, 2014 at 12:00pm by

Recently, the Associated Press had an interesting story about how northeastern cities with higher populations are the most likely to have issues with vehicle accidents. fatal-car-accidents

The AP reported that this occurs because of a mixture of population and issues with driver fatigue, drunken driving, speeding, aggressive driving and weather.

The news service reported that the cities with the highest number of accidents per human capita are Washington, D.C., Baltimore, Boston, Providence, Philadelphia, Newark and Hartford. All of these cities are located on the east coast.

Meanwhile, cities like Fort Collins, Colorado, Brownsville, Texas and Boise, Idaho had the fewest accidents per capita. The news outlet reported that there is now about one motor vehicle accident every 10 seconds in the U.S.

As the AP noted, weather plays a major role in these crashes. With winter approaching, make sure you prepare for potential road hazards, including ice, snow and rain. To avoid a car accident, you should decrease your speed in hazardous driving conditions and leave yourself plenty of room to stop.

Additionally, you should always avoid distracted and drunk driving, as you could be held liable for any accident that injures or kills someone.

Can I Speak to an Attorney If I’m Injured in a Vehicle Accident?

If you suffer personal injuries because of a negligent driver, you should contact our attorneys immediately.

Poor weather is not an excuse for an accident to occur that results in injuries or death. If weather on the roadways is bad, a driver must use caution. Call us today if you have been affected by another driver’s lack of judgment.

Have a safe Thanksgiving tomorrow—we hope you enjoy yourself with your friends and family members.

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