How Is the US Coast Guard Working to Prevent New Jersey Boating Accidents?

Posted on May 3, 2017 at 12:00pm by

image of rushing ambulanceAs the warm weather months approach, the US Coast Guard is stepping up efforts to improve boating safety and prevent New Jersey boat accidents. In March, a Member of the US Coast Guard Auxiliary wrote an article for Shore News Today regarding the importance of boating education courses in preventing boat accidents.

How Can Boating Education Courses Help Prevent Accidents?

There is much that goes into operating a vessel on the open water. Boat owners must first get their watercraft properly prepared for the boating season. This can involve making sure to equip the boat with necessary safety items, like lifejackets, and ensuring that the vessel itself is seaworthy, which could include making repairs and safety upgrades.

In addition to getting their boat ready to go out on the water, vessel owners should make sure that they are prepared to safely operate a watercraft. One way to do this is to take a boating education course. These courses can provide novice and experienced boaters with valuable and, in some cases, life-saving information regarding the proper operation of a vessel.

For new boaters, a boating education class could be the first time they learn skills that will be crucial to them safely navigating waterways in their vessel during the boating season. For experienced boat operators, boating courses offer them an opportunity to practice skills that may have become rusty during the offseason, learn about new safety equipment and upgrade their skill sets.

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