What Types of On the Job Injury Risks Do Airport Workers Face?

Posted on February 15, 2017 at 12:00pm by

Lower back in painRecently, United Continental Holdings settled an airport work injury lawsuit involving safety issues at Newark Liberty International Airport. Reportedly, the settlement requires to provide a safer work environment for its employees, including installing new baggage conveyor belts. The safety of United Continental’s workers came into question after officials from the US Department of Labor reported finding hazardous conditions in the company’s baggage handling facility during an inspection. According to the Department of Labor, the conditions put baggage handlers and other employees at an increased risk of suffering an airport work injury, such as neck sprains, back injuries, shoulder injuries and neck strains.

How Do Workers’ Compensation Benefits Work in New Jersey?

Employers in New Jersey are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance. If an employee suffers a workplace accident or injury, workers’ comp can help cover their medical bills and at least a portion of their lost wages if their injury leads to them missing time at work. Injured employees must act quickly to recover the workers’ comp benefits they are owed.

Should I Pursue a Workers’ Comp Claim?

Prior to pursuing a workers’ compensation claim, injured employees and their families should speak to an experienced personal injury attorney with a history of success. Talking to a lawyer about their situation will enable injured workers to learn whether they have a valid on-the-job injury claim and what the best options are for them and their families moving forward.

Our New Jersey personal injury law firm has secured several favorable verdicts and settlements for victims and families, including $8.8 million for the family of an employee injured in an on-the-job crane accident.

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