Tribeca Crane Accident Victim’s Widow Is Suing the City

Posted on June 8, 2016 at 11:06am by

Photo of courtroomIn February, we published a blog about a tragic crane accident in New York City that claimed the life of a civilian parked in his car down the street. The enormous crane covered more than a whole NYC block when it fell over, shattering glass and crushing cars.

How Did the Crane Accident Happen?

Investigators and witnesses on the scene have cited strong winds as the primary cause of the crane accident. They say that the base of the crane was unstable and could not hold up the crane’s weight in strong winds.

Despite the efforts of the construction workers and crane operator to reel the crane back in before it fell over, the wind knocked the machine off balance and it could not be saved.

What About the Family of the Victim?

The victim’s widow has since filed a notice of claims with the NYC Comptroller’s Office. She will be filing a lawsuit for $600 million against the city for the wrongful death of her husband. She is seeking $550 million for the loss of her husband’s future earnings, as well as $25 million for loss of companionship and another $25 million for the victim’s pain and suffering.

The city has also instituted a variety of new regulations designed to prevent crane accidents from occurring during windy conditions. For example, all crane use has been prohibited if wind conditions ever exceed 30 mph.

No amount of money will bring her husband back to her, but such large penalties will hopefully help to deter construction companies from taking similar risks in the future.

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