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Can I File a Wrongful Death Lawsuit for a Botched Surgery?

There are cases where wrongful death claims can be filed against hospitals, clinics and doctors. In fact, a recent wrongful death lawsuit against a hospital involves a former Hollywood actor who died after a surgical procedure. Actor Bill Paxton’s family filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the doctor and hospital responsible for his failed heart surgery. Paxton, who starred in popular movies for decades, died 11 days after a surgical procedure to repair an aortic aneurysm. According to the family, the doctor failed to inform them about the high risks associated with the surgery and was not qualified to conduct the procedure. The lawsuit also mentions the surgeon was not in the room when Paxton began to suffer life-threatening complications. Paxton experienced excessive bleeding, shock and multiple heart problems during the surgery. According to the lawsuit, the surgeon failed to return to the operating room after being informed about Paxton’s…
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A NJ Widow Says This Ski Team is to Blame for her Husband’s Fatal Injuries

A New Jersey woman is suing a teen and his ski team for fatal injuries her husband sustained from a ski accident. The man was on vacation in Colorado with his family. He was skiing when a young man came speeding down the slope. The teen quickly lost control and crashed into the man. The accident caused serious injuries, which eventually led to the man’s death. The case is claiming that the young man was skiing far faster than was safe for the area. It is also pressing charges against the ski team he represented, which includes the boy’s mother and several other trainers. The widow is claiming they should take some responsibility as well, since they failed to monitor his behavior or properly train him in skiing safety. The case claims that since they were well aware of the risks, they had an obligation to encourage their athletes to…
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