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What to Do If You Own a VW Diesel

Volkswagen, as we all likely know by now, is in some pretty hot water. Following the discovery of the car manufacturer’s emissions cheating scandal, public trust in the car company has plummeted, resulting in a drop in market value of more than $25 billion. VW has issued massive recall of more than 11 million vehicles worldwide. Environmental Research Letters, a peer-reviewed publication, recently released a new study that claims the emissions scandal may be responsible for damaging more than just public trust. Researchers from both Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) believe that 59 premature deaths may be linked to the VW diesel engines. The 59 deaths allegedly connected to the extra pollution released by the emissions cheating devices took place only in the U.S. This means that the number of wrongful deaths could be much higher, potentially more than 1,500 deaths worldwide. What Can I Do If…
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