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Who Is Liable for a Trucking Accident?

During 2015, truck accidents were responsible for more than 3,800 deaths on roads across the country. An estimated 69 percent of these fatalities were occupants of passenger vehicles. In some cases, these accidents may have been caused by the negligent or reckless actions of other parties. These parties may include: Truck drivers. There are several instances where a commercial truck driver could be liable for your accident. For example, if the driver is texting behind the wheel or if they are impaired by drugs or alcohol. Another possible example could be if a driver caused a drowsy driving accident because they ignored hours of service rules. Commercial carriers. Trucking companies (also called commercial carriers) can also be liable for accidents. For example, if a trucking company failed to perform maintenance on vehicles, it could contribute to an accident. Trucking companies may also hire drivers who are not qualified to hold…
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