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Could Carmakers Joining Forces Be the Key to Improving Auto Safety?

The Press of Atlantic City recently featured a report about a potential Toyota and Suzuki partnership and how automakers joining forces could possibly be a key to improving auto safety. In the Press of Atlantic City piece, Suzuki and Toyota had yet to agree to a partnership, but were in discussions. Reportedly, the potential partnership would be built on the carmakers’ desire to work together to take the ecological and safety technology in their vehicles to a higher level, including: Suzuki adding electric, hybrid and fuel cell vehicles to its fleet Toyota and Suzuki adding self-driving cars to their lineups The automakers supplying each other with components and products Suzuki and Toyota sharing the cost of developing futuristic safety and eco-friendly automotive technology What Types of Auto Defects Cause Car Accidents? There are many different types of automotive defects. In some cases, an auto defect does not create a safety…
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