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How Are NJ Police Using Car Accident Scenes to Teach Teens to Be Better Drivers?

In a bid to improve teen driving safety, the police department in Middle Township, New Jersey is providing local high school students with an up-close view of the devastating results of an auto accident. The program involves the police department setting up a mock car accident scene in the high school’s parking lot. In this particular case, which was the focus of a Press of Atlantic City article, the accident scene was set up in the Middle Township High School parking lot. Around 80 students attended the police department’s presentation, which involved officers explaining step-by-step what they do when they investigate an auto crash. The students, who were all in either a forensics or physics class, participated in three demonstrations during the presentation. The demonstrations allowed the students to use the same equations the police use when they are investigating an accident. Following the demonstrations, the officers provided the teenagers…
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Is New Jersey’s Graduated Driver License Law Saving Lives?

Recently, NJTV News featured an in-depth report regarding New Jersey’s graduated driver license law and whether it is helping to prevent car accidents and save lives. What Is the Graduated Driver License Law? New Jersey’s graduated driver license (GDL) program puts certain restrictions on drivers under 21. Under the GDL law, drivers who are under 21 and attempting to get a driver license for the first time must follow a three-step process: Learner’s Permit – During this phase, the driver spends at least six months practicing driving with qualified supervision. Probationary License – Once the driver has completed the learner’s permit phase, the next phase involves obtaining a driver’s license that has restrictions, which is known as a probationary license. An example of a restriction during this phase is the driver not being allowed to drive at night. Full License – After completing the probationary license phase, drivers can obtain…
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How Can We Reduce the Rate of Teen Drivers in Fatal Car Accidents?

The leading cause of death among teens is car accidents. The Centers for Disease Control report that six teens die every day from motor vehicle crashes. As many as two in three teen passengers who are killed in car accidents happen when another teen is driving. New Jersey has initiated a number of programs designed to reduce the number of teen drivers in fatal car accidents, and while they seem to be working, many wonder if they are doing enough. Educational programs such as the Share the Keys initiative, which targets parents and their teens, have done well to mitigate the rate of fatal car accidents, but the death count is still too high. How Many Teen Driver Car Accidents Happen? The New Jersey Division of Highway Traffic Safety released a list of crash rates involving teen drivers in a number of New Jersey counties. Per 10,000 residents, the number…
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