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Why Coaches Should Pull Kids from Sports Games After a Concussion

Studies are showing that if kids continue playing sports after a concussion it will double their average recovery time. It can also lead to worse brain function during recovery, and even more severe long-term effects if the child was seriously injured. The study was conducted at the University of Pittsburg Medical Center. It was the first test to compare young athletes who quickly left the field/court after a head injury with young athletes who continued playing. Scientists monitored teenagers at 15 years of age, and tracked their average total recovery time. The children came from a diverse range of sports, including football, soccer and hockey. The kids who continued playing took 44 days on average to recover, while the kids who rested took only 22 days on average to recover. The players who continued to play after a head injury were on the field/court an average of only 18 minutes…
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