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Will Lowering the Speed Limit in School Zones Help Keep Kids Safe?

Last month, a New Jersey Assembly committee advanced a bill that could lower the speed limit in school zones statewide. New Jersey 101.5 reported on the possible law change, including whether it would help make the roads around schools safer for kids. How Is This Bill Different from Current Laws That Lower the Speed Limit in School Zones? Under the proposed law change, counties and municipalities could implement permanent lower speed limits in school zones. This would differ from the current law, which only enables speed limits in school zones to be lower at certain times of the day when school is in session. In addition to municipalities and counties, the proposed law would allow the state to permanently lower speed limits in school zones if a local official requests the change. A previous version of the bill also proposed tripling fines for speeding in school zones. However, under this…
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How Often Does Speeding Cause Car Accidents?

On April 30, a Buena teen allegedly lost control of his car while he was speeding in Hamilton Township and drove off the road, striking trees. The teen, 17, was driving on Malaga Road near the intersection of Belmont Avenue. He was apparently injured in the accident, although no details about his injuries have been released to the media. AtlantiCare paramedics and Township police reported to the accident scene. The crash occurred at around 9:25 p.m. An initial report said that the teen was traveling “apparently at a high rate of speed.” The accident remains under investigation. Speeding is a Dangerous Habit As this accident appears to show, speeding can have disastrous consequences. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, speeding is among the leading causes of fatal vehicle accidents in America, along with drunk and distracted driving. It is estimated that speeding plays a role in 30 percent of…
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