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Is It Too Dangerous to Allow Self-Driving Cars on the Roads?

Two senators, one a republican and the other a democrat, are launching a bipartisan effort to speed up the process of putting self-driving cars and trucks on the road. According to The Press of Atlantic City, the two senators, one of whom is the chairman of the senate’s Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee, are working on legislation that would remove obstacles preventing automakers from putting self-driving vehicles on the road sooner rather than later. Carmakers have cited federal safety requirements as slowing the advancement of self-driving technology. An example of a federal rule that automakers have complained are hinder the growth of self-driving technology is a requirement that autonomous vehicles still have steering wheels and brake pedals. The reason for this regulation is to enable a human driver to take control of a self-driving vehicle if he or she believes it is necessary. Is It Safe to Speed Up the…
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