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This New Jersey School Bus Driver Was Arrested for Road Rage

A New Jersey school bus driver was recently fired after an incident of road rage. The incident involved a series of irresponsible driving maneuvers between the bus driver and a Fed Ex driver. A nearby driver recorded the video and posted it on Facebook, which prompted the school district to fire the driver for reckless driving. In the video, the bus rides closely behind the Fed Ex truck at an intersection, then dangerously swerves around it. In response, the truck swerves to the right and forces the bus farther into the oncoming lane. The entire interaction is quite frightening, especially when you consider that this bus driver is regularly entrusted with the lives of school children. The driver who recorded the video said that he continued driving behind the bus for some time, and that he watched the bus take a number of other reckless moves along the road. The…
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