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Are Doctors Committing Medical Malpractice to Satisfy Patients?

Have you ever been injured, perhaps broke an arm or sustained a severe sprain, and were prescribed pain medication? Chances are you have, or at least know someone who has. The truth is that prescribing narcotics as a pain reliever for injuries like that is a relatively new practice. In the past, narcotics were rarely prescribed, and generally only given to patients recovering from surgical procedures. However, nearly everyone today will know what it feels like to be on an opioid pain killer. The U.S. accounts for about 5 percent of the total world population, but consumes almost 75 percent of the world’s prescription narcotics. More and more people are getting their hands on more and more prescription drugs. The CDC reported that in 2014, more people died from prescription drug overdose than in any previous year. Why Are Prescription Drugs So Popular Now? In the mid-1990s, medical malpractice suits…
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