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Are We Doing Enough to Stop Playground Injuries?

When we look back on childhood our school playground may be the very first thing we picture, but how common are playground injuries? Many are expressing serious concern, as the number of traumatic brain injuries seem to be increasing among kids. Every year since 2009, the number of traumatic brain injuries has increased at an alarming rate. To give you a sense, in 2009 doctors treated 18,000 children for concussions; in 2013, they reported treatment for 29,000. The increasing number of injuries is especially disconcerting if you consider all the recent efforts that communities have been taking to make playgrounds safer. Regulations have continued to tighten and law suits have put major pressure on communities to build safer facilities, and yet, more kids are going to the doctor with dead injuries. What is happening? More Playground Injuries or Smarter Doctors? Some experts suspect that the rising numbers might actually not…
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