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Can Pharmacists Make Mistakes While Dispensing Medications?

Multiple studies have shown how the health care industry is prone to medical mistakes. An estimated 250,000 to 440,000 US patients die each year from medical errors, while others suffer permanent injuries. Medication mistakes are a type of medical error that may harm patients. There are instances where pharmacists are responsible for causing these errors. Common medication errors caused by pharmacies can include but are not limited to: Wrong medication: Pharmacy staff may mix up the names of medications while filling prescriptions. Staff may confuse prescription drugs with similar-sounding names. The incorrect medications may also be dispensed when patient names are confused. Incorrect dosage: Pharmacists may provide a customer with the wrong dosage of a medication. Depending on the circumstances, the patient may be unable to reap the benefits of their treatment or they can overdose. Formulation mistakes: Certain drugs have different formulations. For example, some medications are extended release…
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Have You Been Injured Due to a Medication Error?

Injuries due to a medication error continue to increase each year. When there has been a mistake with a medication that causes an injury to the patient, it is considered medical malpractice. The effects of medical negligence can reach outside of a hospital or doctor’s office walls. In fact, this carelessness can even follow you into your home. Medical negligence is intentional or unintentional harm that a patient suffers due to their level of care falling below the standard. If a patient is receiving prescriptions, they are still considered to be under a doctor’s care. When a medication injures a patient, anyone who was involved with prescribing that medication could be liable. Who is Responsible for My Injury? Common medication errors are scripts list the wrong medication or the wrong amount. Negligence can also involve a medication not being administered in the correct way. For example, a shot when it should have been…
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