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Texting While Walking is Hazardous for Your Health

Recently, a study confirmed what our Atlantic City injury attorneys have known for a while—that texting while walking can be incredibly dangerous and lead to pedestrian accidents. According to CNET.com, the study, conducted by the Texas A&M University and the University of Bath in the UK, had 30 people navigate an obstacle course with curbs, traffic posts and other items that can cause problems for walkers. The researchers had some participants use cell phones in different scenarios, including texting while walking. The study discovered that participants took “smaller and slower steps and compensating for their diminished vision by raising their feet higher to clear stairs and curbs,” when they were texting, according to CNET. Some safety experts have stated that the distraction provided by electronic devices can lead to pedestrian accidents and/or slip-and-fall incidents. It should be noted that a study by Ohio State University found that between 2004 and…
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