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Can Medical Malpractice Be Confidential?

Atlantic City Personal Injury Attorneys Explore Confidentiality According to a ruling last month by the New Jersey Supreme Court, hospitals have a legal right to some confidentiality in the event of a medical malpractice lawsuit. A 4-3 court decision upheld the Patient Safety Act of 2004, which encouraged hospitals to learn from their mistakes in order to prevent them from happening again. Therefore, they are not required to release information on their own internal examination of any potential malpractice. Why is Medical Malpractice Confidentiality Allowed? The reason behind the decision is to protect persons who may be at fault for a malpractice incident. Proponents of the Patient Safety Act argue that confidentiality allows the person who made the mistake to speak freely about his or her errors. They claim that the threat of impending punishment is likely to cause medical professional to cover their mistakes, which will not allow a…
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