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What Happens When Surgeons Leave Objects Behind?

There are certain types of surgical errors that are dubbed “never events” because they are so egregious that they should never occur. One type of surgical never event involves doctors leaving behind equipment inside of patients. As you can imagine, the consequences of this type of error are often horrific for patients and their families. CNN recently published a story describing what can happen when objects are left behind after procedures. The article describes the story of a woman who had two surgical sponges left inside her for at least six years. She initially went to a primary care clinic in Japan with complaints that she had experienced bloating for three years. Doctors found the surgical sponges after ordering a CT scan. By the time the sponges were found, they had attached to the woman’s organs. It is suspected the sponges were left behind after a Cesarean section. Cases like…
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How Could Medical Negligence Cause Sepsis?

Sepsis is a medical term used to describe the body’s extreme reaction to an infection. Although anyone can suffer from sepsis, individuals over the age of 65 or those with compromised immune systems are most at risk. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that 250,000 people in the US die from sepsis each year. To put this into perspective, slightly over 40,000 deaths in the US during 2016 were caused by auto accidents. Sepsis is also the leading cause of death in hospitals across the country. This life-threatening condition may be caused by the actions of negligent health care providers. In a health care setting, death or injury from sepsis could be caused by factors that include: Unsanitary conditions: There could be an increased risk of sepsis in hospitals and nursing homes with unsanitary conditions. Central line infections are one way you could develop sepsis. You may…
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Can a Flu Misdiagnosis Be Fatal?

The US is in the middle of one of the worst flu seasons in recent years. Thousands of people across the US have been hospitalized for an aggressive strain of influenza. In fact, at no point in the last eight years have so many people been hospitalized for the flu. This flu season has also put an enormous strain on hospitals across the country. There are cases of medical providers diagnosing patients with the flu when they are suffering from more serious conditions. In California, a 12-year-old girl died after she developed a bacterial infection that was mistaken for the flu. According to the girl’s parents, she was initially taken to an urgent care clinic after suddenly falling ill in mid-December. She received a flu diagnosis and was brought home. Four days later, the girl was brought back to the clinic by her parents because she was having trouble breathing….
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