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When Does the FDA Recall Drugs?

The FDA will recall drugs if the drug has become more risky than helpful. When it becomes clear that a drug is unsafe or has dangerous side effects it will be taken off the market. Unfortunately, some drugs harmful qualities are not apparent until the drug is out in the world. Because of this, the FDA is responsible for monitoring these products and ensuring their safety. How Do Recalls Vary? The most common recalls happen due to a drug having dangerous side effects, but there are other events that can instigate a recall. For example, if the FDA finds a safer version of a drug it will recall the more harmful one. Consumers abusing a drug to the point of injury or death may also be reason enough for a recall. Recalls are categorized by how hazardous the drug’s threats are. The following are different groups of recalls. Class I…
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Have You Been Injured Due to a Medication Error?

Injuries due to a medication error continue to increase each year. When there has been a mistake with a medication that causes an injury to the patient, it is considered medical malpractice. The effects of medical negligence can reach outside of a hospital or doctor’s office walls. In fact, this carelessness can even follow you into your home. Medical negligence is intentional or unintentional harm that a patient suffers due to their level of care falling below the standard. If a patient is receiving prescriptions, they are still considered to be under a doctor’s care. When a medication injures a patient, anyone who was involved with prescribing that medication could be liable. Who is Responsible for My Injury? Common medication errors are scripts list the wrong medication or the wrong amount. Negligence can also involve a medication not being administered in the correct way. For example, a shot when it should have been…
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