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Is New Jersey Doing Enough to Keep Motorcyclists Safe?

May is National Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, and with that in mind, it seems like the perfect time to look at whether New Jersey is doing enough to keep motorcyclists safe. Per a report in the Atlantic Highland Herald, data from the Governors Highway Safety Association reveals that in 2015, 4,868 motorcyclists were killed in crashes on roads in the US, including 50 motorcyclist fatalities in New Jersey. According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Association (NHTSA), per vehicle mile traveled, motorcyclists and their passengers are 37 times more at risk of suffering a traffic crash fatality than automobile occupants. Is New Jersey’s Motorcycle Safety Program Enough? New Jersey’s Motorcycle Safety Foundation Training Programs focus on educating motorcyclists on how to defend themselves against injury on the road, including teaching them defensive driving techniques and recommending protective clothing and equipment they should wear while riding. However, while it is definitely…
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Tips for Avoiding a New Jersey Motorcycle Accident

Sadly, on June 11, a woman was killed in a Millville motorcycle accident after she collided with a car. According to the Press of Atlantic City, the woman was approaching Nabb Avenue when a vehicle made a right turn towards West Main Street, forcing her motorcycle in a different direction. The victim, 39, began driving on the north shoulder of the road to attempt to avoid the car, but was still struck by the vehicle’s fender. The motorcyclist then crashed the bike, dying at the scene. The accident remains under investigation. The driver of the vehicle, a 27-year-old woman, may face charges if the Police Department’s Traffic Safety Fatal Crash Unit determines that she was responsible for the woman’s death. How Can I Avoid a New Jersey Motorcycle Accident? As this crash allegedly shows, negligent or reckless drivers often cause motorcycle accidents. Remember, if you strike a motorcyclist, you can…
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As Motorcycle Sales Increase, Will Fatal Accidents Rise?

Have you purchased a motorcycle recently? According to the Los Angeles Times, motorcycle sales during the first quarter of 2015 increased 8.2 percent. The newspaper reported that this data reflects sales from the 20 leading motorcycle brands. Although this is good news for the economy, some safety experts think that it will result in an increased number of motorcycle accidents occurring nationally. According to the Times, the Governors Highway Safety Association said that motorcycle accident fatalities in 2014 remained high, while other forms of transportation accidents decreased. The newspaper reported that although motorcycles only account for 3 percent of vehicles on the road, nationwide, riders and passengers are involved in 14 percent of all motor vehicle-related deaths. The total number of motorcycle fatalities in 2014 was expected to total 4,584 nationwide, once all data is gathered, the news source reported. This is double the number of deaths that occurred in…
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