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Could This New Treatment Help Victims of Spinal Cord Injury?

An experimental new treatment using stem cells recently helped a victim of spinal cord injury regain partial control of his limbs. Kris Boeson was in a tragic car accident that left him paralyzed from the neck down. When he first returned home from the hospital, he struggled to breath without medical assistance, and he expected to need help taking care of himself for the rest of his life. Kris and his family explored options for treatment, but most of the spinal injury treatments today are surgeries aimed at preventing further damage rather than resolving existing ailments. It seemed that this would be a permanent condition, until he encountered an opportunity to try something new in the field of medicine. Are Stem Cells a New Treatment for Spinal Injury? Kris’ road to recovery started when he discovered a new trial with Dr. Edward Wirth II at Asterias Biotherapeutics. The treatment uses…
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