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Can I Sue If I’m Injured by a Defective Medical Device?

Some people require the assistance of medical devices to stay healthy, or alive, but a defective medical device can make things much worse for the patient. If a patient does end up being injured due to a defective medical device, they may be able to sue the hospital, or the manufacturer for damages caused. What Is a Medical Device? A medical device is any machine or tool used by doctors or healthcare personnel to treat an illness, injury, or disability. Commonly used medical devices include: Dialysis machines Defibrillators Contraceptive devices Stents Pacemakers Implants (such as hip replacements) How Can a Medical Device Be Defective? Generally, there are three ways that a medical device can be defective: Design Defect –A design defect includes devices that were made correctly, but have a flaw which can cause serious injury. Manufacture Defect – a manufacturing defect can include mistakes made during manufacture, shipping, or…
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