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Has Kyleigh’s Law Resulted in Fewer Teen Car Accidents?

NJ.com had an interesting story recently about Kyleigh’s Law, noting that the decals placed on teen vehicles in New Jersey may not be reducing car accidents. According to the news outlet, analysis of six years of crash data from 2006 through June 2012, showed that there was no drop in the number of accidents reported or citations issues involving teen drivers, ages 16 to 20. Kyleigh’s Law requires teens, under the age of 21, who hold probationary permits, to place decals on the top left corner of their front and rear license plates. The decals cost $4 and are designed to let law enforcement officials and other drivers know that a teen may be driving around them. New Jersey was the first state in the country to resort to teen decal measures. Teens who are found to be operating vehicles without the decals can face tickets and points on their…
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