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Medical Malpractice: What is the ‘July Effect’?

If you visit a hospital emergency room this month, make sure that you are aware of the ‘July effect’. The New York Times had an interesting report in 2013 about the ‘July effect’, noting that researchers studied patient admissions to teaching hospitals for spinal surgery, finding that there was a higher likelihood of infection and discharge due to mistakes in July, compared to other months. Some experts have speculated that this may be due to the number of medical students who are beginning their residencies at hospitals in July. In fact, in 2011, a plastic surgeon in Detroit noted in a CNN article that medical journals have reported a 10 percent spike in teaching hospital deaths during the month of July due to errors. “Typically, medical students graduate in June and begin their first year of residency training — internship — in July. This group of eager new interns invades…
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