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Can I Sue a Gym if I Signed a Waiver?

People are often unaware that they can still sue a gym after they’ve signed a waiver. With summer currently in full swing, we see memberships to facilities once again become popular. So, if you are injured, understanding your options is important. Premises Liability at the Gym When people are invited onto someone else’s land, the owner becomes liable for any injuries sustained while on the property. For example, it is a gym owner’s duty to keep it in a safe condition. Waivers signed upon membership keep gyms from being sued for any common exercising injury, such as pulling a muscle. But sometimes someone is injured due to the hazardous conditions of a property. For example, if the equipment at a gym is faulty and not cared for. Or, the facility itself has dangers that could have been fixed if it was properly inspected. Victims with genuine premises liability cases can…
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What You Need to Know About Pedestrian Car Accidents

Today, pedestrian car accidents happen most often when a driver is distracted or being careless. These crashes can result in severe injuries or fatalities. Medical care is always the top priority. Once the victim is in a stable condition, an experienced lawyer can help you find who’s at fault. Medical Care Following an Accident In every accident, medical care is an urgent first step. Any harm caused should be attended to and documented. Waiting to receive medical care for an injury can later be used against you by insurance companies. When it comes to insurance, New Jersey is a no-fault state. This means that the driver’s insurance will pay some or all of the pedestrian’s medical bills. So, regardless of insurance and payment concerns, all victims should seek medical help. Who is at Fault in a Pedestrian Accident? In most pedestrian accident cases, the driver is at fault and will…
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