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When are New Jersey Businesses Liable for Drunk Driving Accidents?

Drunk drivers kill an average of 10,000 or more people in the US each year. Some of these fatal car accidents occur because businesses overserve patrons who are already intoxicated. Like many other states, New Jersey has what are called “dram shop laws.” These are laws that can make a business liable for continuing to serve patrons who are intoxicated. New Jersey businesses may be liable for drunk driving accidents if: The individual who was served alcohol was visibly intoxicated. The business knew or should have known the person they were serving alcohol was under 21 years old. We recently obtained an $875,000 settlement against a New Jersey business in a classic dram shop case. In this instance, we conducted a thorough investigation to determine the drunk driver’s impairment before he injured our client. You can read more about this case by continuing to explore our website. What About Social…
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$875,000 Settlement Against a Bar and Drunk Driver Resulting in Severe Spinal Injury

Targan & Pender obtained an $875,000.00 Atlantic County settlement against a bar and drunk driver. This was a “Dram Shop” case brought against an Atlantic County bar for serving a patron while he was visibly intoxicated. When the patron showed up at the bar, his blood alcohol level was already twice the legal limit. He should have never been served alcohol in that condition. Immediately, our firm began investigative efforts including sending a Notice to Preserve all Video to the bar in question. The review of that video proved that the drunk driver was served at the bar while he exhibited signs of visible intoxication, including swaying, blood shot eyes, and a disheveled appearance. The video also showed that the bartender served this individual two full pitchers of beer, ignoring the signs of intoxication. Closer review of the surveillance video showed that the bartender himself was drinking shots with other…
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How Is the HERO Campaign Helping Prevent Drunk Driving?

Recently, New Jersey 101.5 reported on the John R. Elliott HERO Campaign for Designated Drivers and its new effort to prevent drunk driving in New Jersey. The family of John R. Elliott created the HERO Campaign after John was the victim in a deadly drunk driving accident in 2000. As part of the HERO Campaign’s latest effort to keep drunk drivers off New Jersey’s roads, they have launched a program to provide designated drivers with a digital ID card that they can show at bars in New Jersey to receive free non-alcoholic drinks. Is the HERO Campaign Planning to Use ‘Mocktails’ and Uber Discounts to Prevent Drunk Driving? In addition to rewarding designated drivers with free, non-alcoholic drinks, other programs that the HERO Campaign has in the works, include: Uber Partnership – HERO Campaign has partnered with Uber to help keep drunk drivers off the roads. So far, over 1,500…
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