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Could This App Save You from a Car Accident?

These days, smartphones have a bad reputation when it comes to car accidents and drivers’ safety. Distracted driving is one of the most common causes of fatal crashes, and phones are to blame for a large portion of those incidents. However, one technology company is working to turn the smartphone into an important tool for preventing accidents. The Israel startup, Nexar, has created a mobile app that will bring advanced safety software to the masses. The phone sits on the dash. It uses the camera, accelerometer and gyroscope that are built into most smartphones to gather data on the road. It then uses machine learning to analyze the information and determine if the car is entering a dangerous situation. If an accident is about to happen, the app will warn the driver. The more data the program gathers, the better it will become at making these kinds of predictions. The…
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4 Things NJ Drivers Need to know about Crosswalks Rules

With school back in session these past few weeks, NJ drivers have been seeing more pedestrians crossing the street lately. Many say the Garden State has relatively confusing crosswalk rules. It’s important to have a clear understanding of what the laws are, so we can all work together to keep our streets as safe as possible. Here is a look at some crosswalk rules you might not have known. 4 Crosswalk Rules for NJ Drivers 1) Pedestrians must ALWAYS wait for the walk sign. Many wonder if a pedestrian always has the right of way at a crosswalk that have a walk light. The answer is no. A pedestrian must wait until the walk sign appears. This includes cases where oncoming traffic has a red light, since there are still often turning lanes passing through the intersection. As a driver, the law still requires you to use basic caution toward…
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