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Medical Malpractice Results in 36 Patient Deaths in “Dr. Death” Case

A psychiatrist in Georgia is being called “Dr. Death” after allegedly causing the deaths of 36 patients. Dr. Narendra Nagareddy was licensed in 1999 and has had no disciplinary action taken against him, no reports of medical malpractice, and no criminal convictions. Nagareddy was arrested by the DEA and accused of running a “pill mill.” Officially, the doctor has been charged with violating the state’s Controlled Substance Act. He has reportedly been overprescribing opiates and other prescription drugs for several years. It wasn’t until the recent death of a mother of two that the authorities took notice. The mother, along with 11 of the other 36 deaths Nagareddy has been linked to, died of an overdose of the drug prescribed to them by Nagarredy. Former and current patients of “Dr. Death” readily admit that he was the man you go to if you were looking to score opiates or other…
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