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Can Victims Sue a Casino Bar If It Over-Served a Drunk Driver Alcohol?

Dram shop laws enable drunk driving accident victims and their families to hold businesses that serve alcohol legally responsible for DUI wrecks. A recent dram shop case is a reminder that it is possible to sue bars for overserving alcohol to someone who goes on to cause a drinking and driving-related accident in New Jersey. The lawsuit involves a March 2015 incident where an ex-police officer from Linden, New Jersey was allegedly driving drunk when he was involved in a deadly wrong-way crash on a highway in Staten Island. Per NJ.com, two men riding in the ex-Linden cop’s car were killed in the wreck, while a third passenger from the vehicle suffered critical injuries. The man who suffered critical injuries, along with the family of one of the men killed in the head-on collision, later filed a dram shop lawsuit against a bar and a strip club that the men…
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