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Is Your Food Processor Putting Your Family in Danger?

Before you break out your food processor for holiday cooking, you might want make sure your blade is safe. Cuisinart, one of the largest manufactures of blenders and food processors, currently has an open recall. The issue is due to a product defect in the processor’s riveted blade. The rivets crack over time, which causes pieces of the blades to come lose. More than 60 customers found broken pieces of the blades in their food. Some even suffered lacerations. Because of these hazards, Cuisinart is now recalling 8 million food processors. How to Know if Your Food Processor is Part of the Recall Not every food processor by Cuisinart is dangerous. All the dangerous units were sold between July 1996 and December 2015. Anything before or after that range should be safe. If you bought yours during that time range, you should check the model number to see if it…
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