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Will New Driver’s License Requirements Make Jersey Safer?

The Hoboken Patch ran a story recently about new driver’s license requirements that New Jersey is attempting to add to help improve pedestrian and bike safety. How Could Changes to New Jersey’s Driver’s License Laws Help Improve Bike Safety? Per the Hoboken Patch report, the driver’s license requirements make up A4165, a bill that, if passed into law, would require the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission to add bicycle and pedestrian safety information to the driver’s test. The story in the Patch included subjects that might be added questions to New Jersey’s written driver’s license exam, such as: How to properly pass cyclists on the road Safely getting out of a car or truck without endangering the safety of cyclists or pedestrians Learning to correctly identify bike lanes How to safely drive through intersections with cyclists and pedestrians In addition to adding information about pedestrian and bike safety to the…
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