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Will Educating NJ Drivers About Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Keep Them Safer?

One of the new laws that drivers in New Jersey will be required to follow in 2017 involves carbon monoxide poisoning education. The new law is known as the Rosa-Bonilla Family Act. What Is the Rosa-Bonilla Family Act? A NorthJersey.com report from last year highlighted the Rosa-Bonilla Family Act, which a law that requires the New Jersey Motor Vehicles Commission to provide carbon monoxide poisoning education to drivers. The law was proposed in 2016 following the death of a woman and her two kids in Passaic. The mother and her children died from carbon monoxide poisoning when the tailpipe of the car they were in became clogged with snow during a blizzard last January. Reportedly, while the children’s father was shoveling snow off the family’s vehicle, the children and their mother got inside the running car to escape the cold. While the father was shoveling, the car filled with carbon…
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