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What Can Be Done to Improve School Bus Safety in Atlantic City?

The Press of Atlantic City recently featured an article regarding a 4-year-old boy who was the victim of a school bus accident. A school bus hit the child as he was crossing the street with two members of his family. The boy survived the collision, but suffered serious injuries. As of this writing, the boy was hospitalized for treatment and authorities were still investigating the cause of the wreck. Still, this accident does raise questions about school bus safety in Atlantic City. What Can Parents Do to Improve School Bus Safety for Their Children? Safe Kids Worldwide, a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving safety for children, features school bus safety tips on their website, including but not limited to the following: Take your kids to the bus stop and wait with them there until the bus arrives. While waiting at the bus stop, tell your children, stand at least three…
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Are New Jersey’s Railroad Crossings Safe?

In early March, a deadly collision between a tour bus and a train made headlines nationwide and has many people wondering: are railroad crossings dangerous? According to ABC News, the railroad crossing where the bus-train crash took place has a history of accidents between trains and vehicles, including two already this year. A National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) official speaking with ABC News about the train wreck said that in the past, larger vehicles, such as 18 wheelers and buses, have had issues with the railroad crossing where the incident happened. The NTSB official said that the area where the road crosses the tracks is steep, leading to the bottom of vehicles scraping against the ground and even becoming stuck. Reportedly, prior to the train crashing into the bus, the vehicle was stuck on the railroad tracks for around five minutes. As of this writing, investigators had still not named…
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Why Do School Bus Accidents Occur?

Did you know that approximately 63,000 bus accidents occur each year in the United States? Bus accidents happen for a number of reasons including driver error, defective auto parts, tire blowouts, or the negligence or recklessness of others on the road. Because many buses offer very little protection for passengers (seat belts, airbags), accidents can lead to devastating injuries. This is especially true for children on school buses, who are smaller and can be thrown violently in collisions. Each year, an estimated 4,000 people are injured and 325 people are killed in accidents involving school buses, charter buses and motor coaches. If a transportation provider, including a school district, hires a driver who is negligent or reckless, and it leads to an accident, victims and their family members may be able to file a lawsuit seeking damages. Remember, traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries and other catastrophic damage can lead…
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