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Birth Control Packaging Error Results in 100+ Unwanted Pregnancies

Four years ago, Qualitest Pharmaceuticals issued a recall for a birth control packaging error affecting more than 1.4 million products. The manufacturers mistakenly and unknowingly reversed the weekly pill order; thereby making the birth control tablets ineffective (birth control pills must be taken in the correct order for it to work). So far, 113 women have since stepped forward to file lawsuits against the pharmaceutical company, claiming that its mistake directly resulted in unwanted pregnancies in all but four of the women. Most are seeking damages for medical expenses and lost wages, but some are pursuing pain and suffering and even money for raising a child for 18 years. The total damages being sought is well into the millions. The women have filed a class action suit against Endo Pharmaceuticals, Qualitest’s parent company, in Pennsylvania. Endo responded with a statement asking the judge to dismiss the case as previous lawsuits…
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