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Is There Dangerous Bacteria in the Water at Beaches in New Jersey?

The Asbury Park Press has been featuring reports on the water quality of Jersey Shore beaches, including whether there is dangerous bacteria in the water at beaches in New Jersey. Is It Safe to Swim at Beaches in New Jersey? According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, of the 180 million people expected to visit beaches in the US this year, an estimated three to four million will get sick from swimming in tainted water at the beach. Health departments in New Jersey take samples from the water at our beaches every week and test it for dangerous substances. Most notably, they test the water for enterococcus, a bacteria that is found alongside warm-blooded animal waste. Enterococcus is considered a red flag for viruses that cause rashes and stomach sicknesses. In 2016, 1 in 25 samples tested in labs came back as unsafe for swimming, which was the most since…
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Are Cape May’s Beach Slopes Safe?

The Press of Atlantic City had an interesting story recently about the ongoing efforts by the government to even out Cape May’s beach slope. According to the news source, a teenager from Maryland recently suffered a serious spinal cord injury on the beach slope. The beach slope includes parts of the sand and oceanfront that go out into the water, which is the frequented heavily by guests. The Press of Atlantic City reported that in August, a 17-year-old Maryland teen suffered broken vertebrae on part of a beachfront that is privately owned, on the east side of Cape May. Details of the accident were not released to the public, but it resulted in speculation that areas of the city’s beach slope, both private and public, are not safe. The newspaper reported that Cape May Mayor Ed Mahaney was going to speak to officials with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers…
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