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Could My Social Media Accounts Affect My Personal Injury Case?

Most people have made social media mistakes at some point or another in their lives. Perhaps they posted an embarrassing photo or unintentionally shared something private. These are the types of mistakes that might cost you friends or hurt your professional reputation. You could also make social media mistakes if you have filed a personal injury case. What you share or what others share about you could affect your ability to recover compensation. Attorneys working for the defense and insurance adjusters have every reason to discredit your injury claim. They could use your social media posts in an attempt to hurt the validity of your case. If you want to avoid making mistakes on social media during your case, then you should consider utilizing the following tips. Consider leaving social media: You should consider dropping off social media while your personal injury case is being handled by your attorney. Whatever…
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Fifteen New Jersey Hospitals Penalized for Patient Safety Lapses

Medicare payments have been reduced for 15 New Jersey hospitals due to higher rates of hospital-acquired conditions. These are certain types of conditions that can harm patients when there are safety lapses. Hospitals with above-average rates of these conditions can have funding reduced by Medicare due to a provision in the Affordable Care Act. Fewer New Jersey hospitals were penalized this year, but there is still major work that must be done to protect the safety of patients. Hospitals in New Jersey were penalized for patient safety lapses that included: Hospital-acquired infections: Medicare will reduce payments for hospitals that have higher than average rates of hospital-acquired infections. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that hospital-acquired infections kill an estimated 99,000 people in the US every year. Falls: Hospitals can have their Medicare funding cut if their patients suffer an above-average rate of hip fractures caused by falls….
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Does Your Vehicle Have Takata Airbags?

Takata’s defective airbags are behind the largest recall in US history. More than 34 million vehicles with these airbags are currently under recall. Additional vehicles will be added to the recall by December 2019. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) expanded the recall in December to cover another 3.3 million airbags. You could use NHTSA’s website to discover if your vehicle has an unfixed recall for Takata airbags. First, you would need to find your vehicle identification number (VIN). Your vehicle’s VIN can typically be found on the insurance card or the driver’s side dashboard. Once you have it, input the number into the VIN lookup tool on NHTSA’s site. You could call your dealership to see if they have the parts available to make repairs if your vehicle has an unfixed recall. Why Are Takata Airbags Dangerous? Takata inflators use ammonium nitrate to deploy airbags. Ammonium nitrate becomes…
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