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Mathematician from ‘A Beautiful Mind’ Dies on the NJ Turnpike

On Saturday, May 23rd, the world of mathematics was dealt a blow. John Forbes Nash Jr. and his wife Alicia Nash succumbed to their injuries after being thrown from a taxi cab. Nash was known for his groundbreaking mathematics work, including his work on game theory, and he was the inspiration for the Russell Crowe movie, A Beautiful Mind. His wife Alicia was known for caring for her husband as he battled with schizophrenia, and they are survived by their son. Police reports indicate that a Ford Crown Victoria was passing a Chrysler in the New Jersey Turnpike’s southbound center lane when it lost control. The Crown Vic slammed into the center guard rail, which caused the Chrysler and the taxi cab carrying the Nashes to crash. The cab driver was transported to the hospital for non-life-threatening injuries, and a passenger in the Chrysler was treated for neck pain. Unfortunately,…
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